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  • Test Line Combi Net Standard

    Test Line Combi Net Standard

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    Test Line Combi Net Standard
    Model:Combi net
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Test Line Combi Net Standard

The Net family is composed of Brake Tester, Side Slip Tester, Suspension Bench, Smokemeter, Gas Analyser, Soundmeter, Headlight Tester and Visual Inspection.The equipment can be added progressively according to the customer’s needs. The line is composed of a Side Slip Tester for cars, a suspension bench and a brake tester for cars, each of which can also be purchased separately. It comes with a powerful computer and with electronic plates for the measuring of signals and the presentation of data on the screen in a clear way for the user. Automatic functions by remote control: The machines detect the presence of the vehicles on its surfaces starting the test either automatically or via infrared remote control. Which gives access to the different menus of the control program. Possibility to do tests also on vehicles 4x4 of integral traction wheels.

Technical Data Side Slip Aligner AL

Slip speed 5-10 km/h.
Maximum testing weight 4 Tn.
Range -20 y 20 m / km.
Measurement gap 0,1 m. / km
Monophasic Voltage 220 V - 50 Hz
3 valuation levels
A) m / km (max. 20 m / km)
B) Degrees and minutes
C) Diagnosis
Visualization on screen convergent, divergent and correct

Technical Data Suspension Bench BSL

Maximum weight per axle 2.500 kg.
Motor power performance 2 x 3 kW.
Voltage 220 / 380 V. threephasic
Protecting fuse 3 x 20 A.
Excitation frequency 16 Hz.

Technical Data Brake Tester FRL

Maximum weight per axle 4 Tn.
Motor power performance 2 x 4,6 kW.
Test Speed 5,5 km./h.
Voltage 220 / 380 V. threephasic
Protecting fuse 3 x 20 A.
Thermal protector 16 A.
Roller diameter 202 mm.
Roller length 450 mm.
Roller length 300 mm.
Distance between centres < 400 mm.
Friction coefficient
0,9 dry
0,7 wet
Maximum braking force 3.000 N
Measurement gap 10 N.


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