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  • Slip Aligner Tester for Light Vehicles

    Slip Aligner Tester for Light Vehicles

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    Slip Aligner Tester for Light Vehicles
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    Brands:Ryme - Spain
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The Side Slip Aligners make a quick and efficient verification of the geometry of the front and back axles of the different vehicles checked. The system consists of a platform to pass the wheels on the driver´s to register side slip measures on the different axles lup to 9 axles per vehicle, and a computer cabinet able to memorize the measurements of the checked axles, comparing them within accpeted predefined maximum margins in m/km. programmed in the computer. The 19’’ TFT screen also shows graphialy in deviation is positive (convergent) or negative (divergent). Both the funcionality and the system check are extremely easy, since it only requires the vehicles to pass over the platform in order to measure and memorize all the data on all axles .

Technical Data



lip Speed 5-10 km/h.
Maximum testing weight 4 Tn.
Range -20 y 20 m / km.
Measurement gap 0,1 m. / km
Monophasic voltage 220 V - 50 Hz
3 valuation levels

A) m / km (max. 20 m / km)
B) Degrees and minutes
C) Diagnosis

Visualization on screen Convergent, divergent and correct


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