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Xuất xứ : Ryme – Tây Ban Nha

Thông số kỹ thuật

Loại sử dụng cho 1 cầu

Thông số kỹ thuật :

Trọng lượng cầu kiểm tra : 4 tấn

Tốc độ kiểm tra 0 -300 km/h
  • Dynamometric Bench BP NET 2WD

    Dynamometric Bench BP NET 2WD

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    Dynamometric Bench BP NET 2WD
    Model:BP net 2WD
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    Brands:Ryme - Spain
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Origin : Ryme – Spain

The BP-NET power bench is a very useful tool for vehicle testing centres and repair shops, since it is made to PREVENT, locate and investigate possible problems in vehicles. Its function is to determine the power and the torque according to the engine’s r.p.m. graphically and numerically. The power bench includes a monocarcase steel frame which has four 352 mm. cylinders. assembled on bearings. Both front rollers are milled and joined by a transmission. They present a friction coefficient pneumatic roller of 0,8 m. The other two rollers are plain and turn freely.

The measurement of the speed is obtained by an incremental encoder on the axle of the front rollers. Due to the resolution of the encoder, we have a high accuracy of the reading over +-1 km/h. The bench also has a pneumatically operated lifting mechanism which, with a brake-blocking roller system,makes the vehicle’s access and exit from the bench easier. The maximum lifting force of this mechanism is 4.000 kg. on the axle at 8-bar pressure.

Technical Data

Maximum weight per axle 4 tn.  
Max. / min. width of track 800/2.320 mm.
Test speed 0 - 300 km / h.
Measurement gap 0,1 m.
Roller blockage system Neumático
Voltage threephasic 380 v. - 50 Hz.
Roller length 752 mm.
Roller diameter 352 mm.
Distance between rollers 498 m.
Pneumatic Feed 8 bares min.
Connection USB / RS232


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