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  • Brake Tester Light Vehicles FRL NET

    Brake Tester Light Vehicles FRL NET

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    Brake Tester Light Vehicles FRL NET
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Brake Tester Light Vehicles FRL NET

The brake tester for light and medium size vehicles is designed to support loads up to 4 Tn. per axle, and its main objective is a quick and efficient verification of the state of the vehicle braking control, measuring with accuracy the maximum braking in the front and backaxles, handbrake as well as the ovality of the discs and drums of the braking system.
The system consists of a chassis covered in weld which assures a perfect adherence of the tyres even in adverse conditions, and it also is equipped with extensiometric gages for the measuring of the braking effort.
A computer controls all the measuring system and the functioning of the machine. The control can be made by using the keyboard or by remote control. The data visualitation is graphic and numeric and inclusive through pointers. The indication is independent for each wheel and the braking range is from 0 to 6 KN.

Technical Data

Maximum weight per axle 4 Tn.
Electric motor power 2 x 4,6 kW.
Test Speed 5,5 km./h.
Voltage 220 / 380 V. (3F+T)
Protecting fuse 3 x 20 A.
Thermal protector 16 A.
Roller diameter 202 mm.
Roller length 450 mm.
Useful roller length 300 mm.
Distance between the rollers < 400 mm.
Friction coefficient
0,9 dry
0,7 wet
Analogic measurement ranges 3.000 N
Measurement gap 10 N.


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