Robotic paletizing

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	Khả năng tải(kg):           7
 	Tầm với (m):                  1.8
 	Mức độ bảo vệ:             IP - Class 67
 	Lắp ráp:                        Sàn
  • IRB 260 Packing Industrial Robot

    IRB 260 Packing Industrial Robot

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    IRB 260 Packing Industrial Robot
    Model:IRB 260
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    Brands:ABB - Switzerland
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IRB 260 Packing Industrial Robot

Compact Industrial Packing Robot

The IRB 260 is based on IRB 2400, the world’s most popular industrial robot with a total of 14,000 installations. Designed for easy integration into packaging lines, the new machine has the ability to work close to base in order to minimize floor space. Low on weight and height, the IRB 260 fits easily into compact production cells. Speed, moreover, has been optimized for an 800x800x800 mm working envelope, making the new robot ideal for packing applications. Running on 4-axes, it’s not only dedicated to packing applications, but also ensures high throughput and flexible packing concepts. Like all ABB robots, IRB 260 can be combined with PickMaster – ABB’s vision guided packaging software – and our new IRC5 controller.


Handling capacity: 30 kg

Reach: 1.56 m

Load offset: 300 mm

Number of axes: 4

Integrated signal supply: 23 poles, 50V DC

                                             10 poles, 250V AC

Integrated air supply: 1/3 inch hose, max 8 bar

IRC5 Controller variants: Single cabinet, Dual cabinet, Panel mounted


Position repeatability: 0.1 mm

Axis movements: Working range IRB 260

Axis 1 Rotation: +180° to -180°

Axis 2 Arm: +85° to -28°

Axis 3 Arm: +119° to -17°

Axis 6 Turn: +300° to -300°

Max Velocity

Axis 1:  153°/s

Axis 2:  175°/s

Axis 3:  153°/s

Axis 6:  342°/s


Total height: 1493 mm

Manipulator base: 723x600 mm

Weight: 340 kg

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