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Model: IRB 1520ID

Xuất xứ: ABB Thụy Sĩ (nhà máy sản xuất tại Thượng Hải/Trung Quốc). Sản xuất theo tiêu chuẩn ABB toàn cầu.
Thông số kỹ thuật.

Kết cấu : Kiểu cánh tay đứng
Tải trọng :  4kg
Tầm với đứng : 2.601mm
Tầm với ngang 1.500 mm
Số trục điều khiển : 6 trục
  • The Lean Arc Welder IRB 1520ID

    The Lean Arc Welder IRB 1520ID

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    The Lean Arc Welder IRB 1520ID
    Model:IRB 1520ID
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    Brands:ABB - Switzerland
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IRB 1520ID

This high precision robotic arc welder, with integrated process dressing, combines 24/7 production output with
50% lower cost of maintenance to deliver the lowest cost per weld in its class.

Main applications

Arc welding


Payload: 4 kg

Armload: 10 kg

Reach: 1.50 m

Number of axes: 6

Protection: IP40

Mounting: Floor, Inverted

IRC5 controller variants: Drive module, Single cabinet


Dimensions robot base: 300 x 300 mm

Robot weight: 170 kg

Performance (according to ISO 9283)

Position repeatability (RP): 0.05 mm

Path repeatability (RT): 0.35 mm


Axis movements Working range   Maximum speed

Axis 1                  +170° to -170°    130°/s

Axis 2                  +150° to -90°      140°/s

Axis 3                  +80° to -100°      140°/s

Axis 4                  +155° to -155°    320°/s

Axis 5                  +135° to -90°      380°/s

Axis 6*                 +200° to -200°    460°/s

*+288 rev. to -288 r ev max.

Electrical connections

Supply voltage: 380 V

Power consumption: ISO cube 0.6 kW


Ambient temperature for mechanical unit:

During operation: +5°C (41°F) to +45°C (113°F)

During transportation and storage: -25°C (13°F) to +55°C (131°F)

For short periods (max 24h): up to +70°C (158°F)

Relative humidity Max.: 95% at constant temperature

Safety: Double circuits with supervision, emergency stops and safety functions, 3-position enabling device

Emission: EMC/EMI shielded

Data and dimensions may be changed without notice.

Working range

IRB 1520ID-4/1.5



Dedicated arc welding robot

With IRB 1520ID (Integrated Dr essing), the hose package is totally integrated into the upper arm and thr ough the base of the robot. This means, all media necessary for ar c welding, including power, welding wire, shielding gas and pr essurized air is routed for maximized performance and energy ef ficiency.

The IRB 1520ID delivers stable welding, excellent path accuracy, short cycle times and extended life expectancy of the hose package. Thanks to the integrated dr essing, welding around cylindrical objects can be carried out without any stops and narrow spaces are more easily accessed.

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