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Hàn hồ quang	Khả năng tải(kg):           60
Lắp ráp	Tầm với (m):                  1.95
Làm sạch/Phun	Mức độ bảo vệ:             IP-Class 54 - 67
Cắt/Làm sạch, nhẵn	                                      Foundry Plus,Foundry Plus 2
Dán/Bịt kín	Lắp ráp:                        Sàn
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  • IRB 4400 Industrial Robot

    IRB 4400 Industrial Robot

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    IRB 4400 Industrial Robot
    Model:IRB 4400
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    Brands:ABB - Switzerland
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO

IRB 4400 Industrial Robot

Main Applications

Cutting and deburring - Grinding and polishing - Machine tending - Material handling

Fast, compact and versatile industrial robot

An extremely fast, compact robot for medium to heavy han-dling. Exceptional all-round capabilities make it suitable for a variety of manufacturing applications. The load capacity of 60 kg at very high speeds usually permits handling of two parts at a time. A rigid, well-balanced design and patented TrueMove function provide smooth and fast movement throughout the entire working range.

This ensures very high quality in applications such as cutting. Rapid maneuverability makes the IRB 4400 perfectly matched for applications where speed and flexibility are important. The compact design and protected versions enables use in situa-tions where conventional robots cannot work, such as foundry and spraying applications. The foundry plus version is IP 67 protected and can be washed with high pressure steam, which makes it ideal for use in harsh environments.

Reliability and economy

The robust, rigid construction means long intervals between routine maintenance. Well-balanced steel arms with double bearing joints, a torque-strut on axis 2 and use of mainte-nance-free gearboxes and cabling also contribute to the very high levels of reliability. The drive train is optimised to give high torque with the lowest power consumption for economic operation.

Extensive communication for easy integration

The extensive communication capabilities include serial links, network interfaces, PLC, remote I/O and field bus interfaces. This makes for easy integration in small manufacturing sta-tions as well as large scale factory automation systems.


Robot versions            Reach             Payload           Standard             Foundry           Foundry

Plus 2              Prime 2

IRB 4400/60                1.96 m             60 kg                          x                       x                       x

Supplementary load

on axis 2: 35 kg

on axis 3: 15 kg

on axis 4: 0-5 kg

Number of axes

Robot manipulator: 6

External devices: 6

Integrated signal supply: 23 signals and 10 power on upper arm

Integrated air supply: Max. 8 bar on upper arm

IRC5 Controller variants: Single cabinet, Dual cabinet


Position repeatability: 0.19 mm

Path repeatability at 1.6 m/s: 0.56 mm

Axis movements

Working range

      Axis                             Working range                   Maximum speed

1, C Rotation               Axis 1 + 165 to - 165               Axis 1 150°/s

2, B Arm                      Axis 2 + 96 to - 70                   Axis 2 120°/s

3, A Arm                      Axis 3 + 65 to - 60                   Axis 3 120°/s

4, D Wrist                    Axis 4 +200 to - 200                Axis 4 225°/s

4, Option                     Unlimited

5, E Bend                    Axis 5 +120 to - 120                Axis 5 250°/s

6, P Turn                     Axis 6 + 400 to - 400               Axis 6 330°/s

6, Option                     Unlimited 

Electrical Connections

Supply voltage: 200-600 V, 50/60 Hz

Rated power: Transformer rating: 7.8 kVA

Physical: Robot mounting IRB 4400: Floor

Dimensions: Robot base 920 x 640 mm

Weight: Robot 1040 kg


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