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  • Robot sơn IRB 580
Các ứng dụng chính : Sơn	
        Khả năng tải(kg):           10
 	Tầm với (m):                  2.2
 	Mức độ bảo vệ:             IP-Class 67, Ex
 	Đặc biệt:                         Có thể sơn lên Sàn, Trần
  • IRB 580 Automotive Painting Robot

    IRB 580 Automotive Painting Robot

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    IRB 580 Automotive Painting Robot
    Model:IRB 580
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    Brands:ABB - Switzerland
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IRB 580 Automotive Painting Robot

Powered by IPS

IRB 580 features ABB’s unique Integrated Process System with closed loop regulation and high-speed control of paint and airflow adjustments. The paint process equipment is integrated in the robot arm to increase process response times and reduce paint and solvent waste. Synchronizing the paint flow triggering with the robot arm motion increases transfer efficiency and keeps overspray to an absolute minimum. This saves paint and increases your cost effectiveness.

High finish quality

The IPS system will automatically compensate for physical changes in the environment or the equipment, always keeping the commanded flow rate within strict tolerances. This ensures a uniform film build with specified thickness. The result is high finish quality and optimum use of the paint material.

High uptime

The IPS system of the IRB 580 robot will monitor and warn the operator of equipment wear over time. It can also detect a broken cable or defective sensor and automatically enter open-loop production mode (if so configured) until it is con-venient to enter the booth and perform the necessary mainte-nance. All this significantly increases uptime.

Why choose IRB 580

High precision and efficiency - ABB’s Hollow wrist technol-ogy, Integrated process system and ABB’s bell technology.

Increased flexibility - Two different arm lengths and flexible paint process solutions.

Increased productivity - Fast installation and high uptime with ABB’s efficient software tools and superior control technology.


Number of axes: 6 axes. 7 when rail-mounted

Payload on wrist: 10 kg

Robot mounting: Floor, inverted and rail

Ingress protection degree: IP67 (wrist IP54)

Ex classification: II 2 G Ex ib px IIB T4

               II 2 D Ex pD 21 T65°C

               FM Class I,II. Div.1, Group C,D,G 135°C

Ambient temperature: Robot unit: +5°C to +45°C*

Robot controller: +48°C maximum

Relative humidity: Non-condensing: 95% maximum

*Recommended max ambient temp <30°C


IRB 580 / 1620 mm horizontal arm: 2.6 m reach

IRB 580 / 1220 mm horizontal arm: 2.2 m reach

Robot footprint: 660 X 750 mm

Robot Controller (H x W x D): 1450 x 725 x 710 mm

Weight  Robot unit: 630 kg

Robot controller: 180 kg


Axis motion                             Working range            Max speed

1 - Rotation                             +150º to -150º             112º/s

2 - Vertical arm                       +75º to -70º                 112º/s

3 - Horizontal arm                   +35º to -60º                112º/s

4 - Wrist rotation                      unlimited                    465º/s

5 - Wrist bend                          unlimited                     350º/s

6 - Wrist flange rotation         unlimited*                    535º/s

Wrist work envelope: ±140º

Static repeatability: 0.3 mm

*Limited by the hoses

Electrical connection

Mains voltage: 200 - 600VAC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: Stand by: <300 W, Production <800 W

Electrical safety: According to international standards

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