Robot painting

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Khả năng tải(kg):           13
 	Tầm với (m):                  3 - 5.8
 	Mức độ bảo vệ:             IP-Class 67, Ex
Đặc biệt:                         Lắp trên tường - trục 1 “ chiều ngang“

                                       Lắp trên tường - trục 1 “ chiều thẳng đứng“
  • IRB 5500 Automotive Painting Robot

    IRB 5500 Automotive Painting Robot

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    IRB 5500 Automotive Painting Robot
    Model:IRB 5500
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    Brands:ABB - Switzerland
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IRB 5500 Automotive Painting Robot

Paint savings

Our compact and light-weight paint application components enable us to put vital paint regulation equipment, like the pumps, as close as 15 cm from the wrist. This reduces paint and solvent waste during color change significantly.

We have integrated the process equipment in the IRB 5500 FlexPainter so you can enjoy substantial savings.

Powered by IPS

The “push-out” function integrated in the IPS system, reduces the paint savings even further. No programming is necessary. You specify the paint savings in percent, and IPS takes care of the rest.

Built for painting

Standard solutions accommodate color change valves for up to 32* colors with circulation, integrated in the robot. Also two pumps, driven by integrated servo motors, and 64 pilot valves are integrated. Solutions for both solvent and water-borne paint are available.

*More on special request

Less atomizers, higher flow

ABB’s high flow RB1000 atomizer family is specifically de-signed for the high acceleration and speed of the IRB 5500 FlexPainter. This unique combination significantly reduces the number of robots needed in a spray booth and provides supe-rior performance and high finish quality.

Saves space as well as the environment

The IRB 5500 FlexPainter is elevated and mounted on the wall. This saves space in the spray booth and makes the robot perfect to fit into existing, narrow spray booths (and ideal for replacing side- and top machines). For new booths, it enables reduced booth length and width, resulting in reduced air handling volume and reduced emissions.


Number of axes: 6 axes

Payload on wrist: 13 kg

Robot mounting: Wall, floor, tilted, inverted

Ingress protection degree: IP67 (wrist IP54)

Robot unit ambient temperature: +5 °C to +45 °C*

Relative humidity, non-condensing: 95 % maximum

Robot footprint: 500 X 680 mm

Robot unit weight: 540 kg

Ex classification: II 2 G Ex ib px IIB T4

               II 2 D Ex pD 21 T65°C

               FM Class I,II. Div.1, Group C,D,G 135 °C

Robot controller ambient temperature: +48 °C maximum

Robot controller size (H x W x D): 1450 x 725 x 710 mm

Robot controller weight: 180 kg

*Recommended max ambient temp <30°


Work area: See work envelope drawings

Velocity: Max speed

Axis 1, 2 and 3: 100º/s

Axis 4 - Wrist rotation: 465º/s

Axis 5 - Wrist bend: 350º/s

Axis 6 - Wrist flange rotation: 535º/s

Wrist work envelope: ±140º

Static repeatability: 0.15 mm

PC Tools

RobView 5: Paint cell supervision and operation (included)

ShopFloor Editor: Off-line path- and process tuning using 3D graphics

RobotStudio Paint: Full 3D simulation and programming of the paint cell

Electrical connection

Mains voltage: 200 - 600VAC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz

Electrical safety: According to international standards

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