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Các ứng dụng chính: Sơn	
Khả năng tải(kg):           25
 	Tầm với (m):                  3.1
 	Mức độ bảo vệ:             IP-Class 67, Ex
 	Đặc biệt:                         Có thể lắp trên giá treo tường sạch, giá trong phòng.
  • IRB 5400 Slim and fast paint robot

    IRB 5400 Slim and fast paint robot

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    IRB 5400 Slim and fast paint robot
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    Brands:ABB - Switzerland
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IRB 5400 Slim and fast paint robot

A versatile paint robot

The IRB 5400 is a slim arm paint robot with high acceleration and speed, combined with a large work envelope and our unique and flexible paint wrist. It will speed up your production and help you be more profitable.

Add a rail for coating large objects

The IRB 5400 can be mounted on a trolley for operating on a rail. There are two types of foot for the trolley. The clean wall foot is used when the trolley and rail is located outside the spray booth. This enables for an easy-to-clean inner spray booth wall. The in-booth foot enables the complete rail and trolley to be located inside the spray booth. This design is typically used for retrofit in existing spray booths or for spray booths with limited space.

Powered by IPS

The high speed, closed loop control of the integrated process system (IPS) secures a uniform film build and maximizes the finish quality.

Paint robot control system

The IRB 5400 uses the IRC5P paint robot control system. It is specifically designed for the paint shop with its user friendly Ex FlexPaint Pendant, and RobView 5 - our paint cell software for supervision, control and diagnostics, and our powerful software tools for off-line programming and process tuning.

High uptime

ABB’s powerful software tools for process supervision and diagnostics in combination with our renowned product quality gives you high uptimes and ease of mind.


Number of axes: 6 axes. 7 when rail-mounted

Robot mounting: Floor and rail

Payload on wrist: 25 kg

Load capacity on vertical arm: 50 kg

Load capacity on horizontal arm: 40 kg (including wrist payload)

Ingress protection degree: IP67, wrist IP54

Robot unit ambient temperature: +5°C to +45°C*

Relative humidity, non-condensing : 95% maximum

Ex classification: II 2 G Ex ib px IIB T4

               II 2 D Ex pD 21 T65°C

              FM Class I,II. Div.1, Group C,D,G 135°C

Robot controller ambient temperature: +48°C maximum

*Recommended max ambient temp <30°C


Axis:                            Working range:                   Max. speed:

Rotation                      300º                                         137º/s

     170º with riser foot

Vertical arm                160º                                         137º/s

Horizontal arm           150º                                         137º/s

Inner wrist                   Unlimited                                465º/s

Wrist bend                  Unlimited                                350º/s

Wrist turn                     Unlimited*                              535º/s

Total wrist bend: +/- 140º

Static repeatability: 0.15 mm

Path accuracy: +/- 3 mm

Velocity: 1.5 m/s

*only limited by the hoses

Controller interfaces

I/O boards: Analog, digital, relay, 120VAC, encoder and process I/O boards available

Fieldbus support: Interbus-S, ProfiBus, Profinet, CC Link, DeviceNet and Ethernet IP available

Network: Ethernet FTP/NFS

PC tools

RobView 5 (included): Paint cell supervision and operation

ShopFloor Editor: Off-line editing and process tuning

RobotStudio Paint: 3D off-line simulation and programming


Robot footprint: 660 x 750 mm (standard foot)

             660 x 775 mm (riser foot)

             633 mm x 2 - 15 m length* (rail)

Robot unit height (without foot): 1980 mm

Standard foot height: 190 mm

Raiser foot height: 540 mm

Clean wall rail foot height: 700 mm

In-booth rail foot height: 1125 mm

Vertical arm length: 1200 mm

Horizontal arm length: 1620 mm

Robot weight with standard foot: 940 kg

Robot weight with riser foot: 1030 kg

Robot Controller (H x W x D): 1450 x 725 x 710 mm

Robot controller weight: 180 - 200 kg

*Longer rail lengths on request

Flexible rail system

The rails are designed for minimum disturbance of the air flow and are available in 1.5 and 2m modules that combine to the desired length, up to 15 meters (standard). One or two robots can be mounted on one rail.

Electrical connection

Mains voltage: 200 - 600VAC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: Stand by <300 W, production 700-1500 W

Electrical safety: According to international standards

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