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  • 6 ton 4 POST LIFT

    6 ton 4 POST LIFT

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    6 ton 4 POST LIFT
    Model:HL- 46H
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    Brands:Heshbon - Korea
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO
  • Hydraulic cylinder located in the fixed platform and is thus perfectly protected.

  • High resistance galvanized and pre-stretched lifting cable.

  • Lock release lever for the emergency situation.

  • Adjustable parking ratchet rails ensure the platforms and cross members horizontal within 4 wheel alignment tolerances.

  • Automatic spring loaded eccentric brake system in the event of cable breakage and ensures complete stability during parking.

  • Self lubricated large diameter pulleys and maintenance-free bushes.

  • Hydraulic two-level 3ton scissor jack. (OPTION)

  • Electric remote-controller. (OPTION)

Model No.                            HL-46H

Lifting Capacity (kg)           Body : 6,000 / Jack : 3,000 kg

Max.Lifting Height (mm)    Body : 1,750 / Jack : 595 mm

Dimension (mm)                 7,384(L) X 3,616(W) X 2,215(H)

Power Supply & Motor       3ph : 3HP, 4P, 220/380V, 50/60Hz

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