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  • Thang nâng làm việc - loại 4 người 

Model : GTWY

Xuất xứ : Hurbelift 

Loại dùng cho 4 người 

Chiều cao nâng  10, 12, 14m

Sức nâng : 300 kg 

  • Quadruple Mast Aluminum Work Platform

    Quadruple Mast Aluminum Work Platform

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    Quadruple Mast Aluminum Work Platform
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    Brands:Hurbelift - China
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO

Quadruple Mast Aluminum Work Platform

Model : GTWY

Origin: Hurbelift 

Maximum Height (m): 10, 12, 14, 15, 16
Maximum Working Height (m): 11.7, 13.7, 15.7, 16.7, 17.7
Loading Capacity (kg): 300
Platform Size (m): 1.40x0.80
Covering Size (mm): 2400x2300
Power Supply (V): AC220
Lifting Power (KW): 2.2
Weight (kg): 1100, 1150, 1200, 1390, 1420
Dimension (m)1.70X1.10X2.05
1.Most rigid aluminum alloy profile
2.Auxiliary platform lowering
3.Multi-guide pulley on mast
4.Durable base system
5.Chassis with level guage
6.AC power to platform
7.Easily rolls through a narrow space
8.Emergency stop button
9.Over load protection
10.Built-in pressure release valve
11.Dual activated up/down switch
12.Locking Key Switch
13.Optional extended platform
14.Entry ladder

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