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    Car Washing Machine

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    Car Washing Machine
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Car Washing Machine
72 pairs of "smart eye" infrared sensors read and recognize the vehicle body, and based on the technology of the unique J-WASH method, J-Wash accurately adjusts the wash course to the vehicle's shape.
Based on the vehicle body data, J-Wash makes fine adjustment in the positioning of the vehicle inside the machine as well as in the up - down and left - right movement of the brushes. This technology enables J-Wash to provide the highest possible quality custom vehicle cleaning.

J-Wash's soft brushes (top and sides) are manufactured using EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a highly evaluated material that is known for both its durability and its capacity to wash a car gently but thoroughly while protecting the car's finish.

J- Wash is simple to operate, but precise in function. With J- Wash System , an operator can easily select the type of car to be washed along with the most effective washing course. This new style car wash is operated from a cutting edge technology touch panel similar to that of a computer or a mobile phone.

J-WASH supplies all customers with its original Shampoo and Wax which are produced in Japan. J-WASH Shampoo has been specially formulated for removing bugs and dirt, and J-WAX brings excellent water repellency to car body.

Lenght : 5.100 mm - 5.700 mm
Width : 2.300 mm
height : 2.300 mm

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