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  • Testing station (Te)

    Testing station (Te)

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    Testing station (Te)
    Model:SUN 1504-te
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    Brands:Sun - Việt Nam
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO


The Testing station detects the various properties of the workpieces inserted into it. It differentiates workpieces with the aid of an optical and a capacitive sensor. A retro-reflective sensor monitors whether the operating space is free before the workpiece is raised via a linear cylinder. An analogue sensor measures the height of the workpiece. A linear cylinder guides correct workpieces via the upper air slide to the neighbouring station. Faulty workpieces are rejected via the lower air slide

Top topic: Sensors

The Testing station employs all basic types of industrial sensors in typical applications: optical and capacitive proximity sensors and optical retro-reflective sensors. These are supplemented by various cylinder limit switches (inductive, magnetic).

Option: Analogue value processing

An analogue sensor detects the height of the workpiece, which is raised from below by a linear cylinder and pressed against the measuring device. A comparator evaluates the sensor signal and passes this on as a digital signal. The analogue signal is also available at a separate terminal – allowing connection to the simulation box or a PLC with an analogue module.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)
  • Power supply 24 V DC
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 5 digital outputs

Training aims for project work


  • Mechanical set-up of a station


  • Application of rodless cylinders


  • Correct wiring of electrical components


  • Mode of operation and applications of optical and capacitive sensors with digital switching behaviour
  • Mode of operation and applications of analogue sensors using the example of an analogue displacement encoder


  • Programming and application of a PLC
  • Analogue signal processing


  • Commissioning of the entire sequence


  • Systematic troubleshooting in a production system

Recommended training media

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  • Textbook Programmable logic controllers, Basic level
  • Textbook Proximity sensors

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