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  • Sorting station (So)

    Sorting station (So)

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    Sorting station (So)
    Model:Sun 1504-so
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    Brands:Sun - Việt Nam
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO



The Sorting station differentiates workpieces based on their drilled hole depth and Sorting them into two different material flow directions.

Workpieces placed on the conveyor are transported to the depth measurement point. An analogue diffuse sensor checks the drilled hole depth. Workpieces of the type "cylinder body" (deep hole) are transported to the end of the conveyor. Fibre-optic through beam sensors with optical sensors monitor the material flow on the conveyors.


Analogue and digital

The diffuse sensor supplies both an analogue and a binary output signal. This facilitates different training levels. The binary switching output can be adapted to the measurement requirement by means of a simple teach-in stage.


Flexible assembly

The Sorting station permits the creation of flexible assembly lines using MPS stations. Combined assembly processes such as cylinder assembly and assembly of workpiece inserts in the housing can be realised using the Sorting station.


Technical data

  • Operating pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)
  • Power supply 24 V DC
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 5 digital outputs
  • 1 analogue input

Training aims for project work


  • Mechanical set-up of a station

Sensor technology:

  • Mode of operation and applications of analogue sensors
  • Application of optical sensors


  • Installation of tubing for pneumatic components
  • Pneumatic rotary drives
  • Electrical and electronic:
  • Connection of DC motors


  • Programming and application of a PLC
  • Programming of alternative (OR) branches
  • Analogue signal processing

Recommended training media

  • Mechatronics Assistant


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