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  • Processing station (Pr)

    Processing station (Pr)

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    Processing station (Pr)
    Model:SUN 1504-pr
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    Brands:Sun - Việt Nam
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO


In the Processing station, workpieces are tested and processed on a rotary indexing table. This station only uses electrical drives. The rotary indexing table is driven by a DC motor. The table is positioned by a relay circuit, with the position of the table being detected by an inductive sensor. On the rotary indexing table, the workpieces are tested and drilled in two parallel processes. A solenoid probe with an inductive sensor checks that the workpieces are inserted in the correct position. During drilling, the workpiece is clamped by a solenoid actuator. Finished workpieces are passed on via the electrical sorting gate.


Attention! - Drilling operation

Drill feed is undertaken by an electrical linear axis with a DC motor, which is controlled via a reversing starter. The end positions are sensed by means of micro switches. The drill is fully functional, but for safety reasons the drilling processes are only simulated.

Electrical only: Many different drives

The station requires the programming of two processes executed in parallel: drilling and drill-hole testing. This station also offers a range of different drives:

  • DC drill
  • DC motor on rotary indexing table
  • Electrical linear drive for drill feed
  • Electrical sorting gate
  • Solenoid actuator in the clamping module and the Testing module

Technical data

  • Power supply 24 V DC
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs

Training aims for project work


  • Mechanical set-up of a station
  • Selection of linear drives


  • Correct wiring of electrical components


  • Correct application of limit switches


  • Programming of logic controllers and parallel step sequences


  • Systematic troubleshooting in a production system

Handling technology:

  • Checking incoming workpieces

Recommended training media

  • Mechatronics Assistant
  • Textbook Programmable logic controllers, Basic level

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