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  • MPS Teaching Automation Processes (MPS)

    MPS Teaching Automation Processes (MPS)

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    MPS Teaching Automation Processes (MPS)
    Model:SUN 1504
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Combination of stations:

1. Combination of stations type 1:


2. Combination of stations type 2:


3. Combination of stations type 3:


4. Combination of stations type 4:


5. Combination of stations type 5:


6. Combination of stations type 6:


7. Combination of stations type 7:


8. Combination of stations type 8:



From mechanics, pneumatics, PLC technology, handling technology, electrical engineering, electronics to robotics and hydraulics, each station facilitates interesting exercises on automation and mechatronics. The MPS system is particularly suited to the areas of handling, PLC and robot technology due to its close industrial orientation.

Exploit the full flexibility of MPS

The combination of multiple MPS stations offers training aims for many levels of experience and many different fields. The project kits of the MPS system facilitate the realisation of a wide range of different systems. Conveyor belts, integrated between the MPS stations, facilitate a multitude of solutions for material flow.

Special training aims

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The system enables 15 – 30 students to be trained in mechatronics. The Distributing and Conveyor project kits (5 of each are included) provide an introduction to the project work. The system layout can be changed using the project kits. More than 15 different

Blended Learning

MPS stations are designed to be used individually or in any custom combination • Standard mechanical dimensions permit stations to be physically connected • Capstone projects can be developed for advanced training • Pre-designed combinations packaged with additional resource materials

Infrared handshaking utilized to move workpieces through the production process • Pick-up & drop-off points align to allow workpieces to transfer seamlessly

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