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  • Wheel aligner system

    Wheel aligner system

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    Wheel aligner system
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    Brands:Anhui - China
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO

Precise alignment with 8 CCD sensors of high accuracy
Both wire/wireless communication (In the emergency, it can be used for wire
Durably designed new type of measuring heads
Remote control panel is installed on each head
Visible and comprehensible graphics for program
Special filter to minize beam-block
Customer data back up using USB or Floppy disk is available.
 Electric level sensors on each measuring head
Spoiler - Compensation & measurement in case the setback is blocked
3D dynamic image for simulation of adjustment 
Instruction for advanced inspection & analysis of vechicles status for user's reference
Elevated adjustment for CASTER/CAMBER
Vehicle diagnostic program (Axle-offset, Side-offset, Difference of wheel base 
and track)

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