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  • Oil-pneumatic riveting machine for brake shoes

    Oil-pneumatic riveting machine for brake shoes

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    Oil-pneumatic riveting machine for brake shoes
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The R402 oil pneumatic riveting machine fits or removes rivets from brake shoes of every type of heavy or lignt vehicle. The machine, thanks to the piston's pression, permits a powerful and silent work as requested by the latest safety norms. According to the safety norms and to the compactness of the machine, the drive pedal has been built into the basement. The counterpounch support is easily adjustable in height; the spindle punch holder has a rapid punch attachment. The accessories and the punches in standard equipment allow the removal and fitting of any type of rivets.


  • Max working pressure  5200 Kg
  • Feeding pressure  1-8 ATM
  • Max punch stroke  50 mm
  • Rivets diameter  3-10 mm
  • Working rivets  2,3 - 10 mm

Standard equipment

  • Base cabinet
  • Rivet set 6 punches
  • 3 counterpunches
  • 6 rivet snap-holder
  • 2 anvils
  • punch holder
  • Service tools
  • Operating manual

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