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  • Milling Machine for Connecting Rods and Caps

    Milling Machine for Connecting Rods and Caps

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    Milling Machine for Connecting Rods and Caps
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    Brands:AZ - Italy
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BL50 is designed for resurfacing the parting face of connecting rods and main bearing caps. The large capacity and robust construction make it ideally suited for bothe automotive and heavy duty diesel applications. The adjustable clamping mechanism allows the operator to surface caps on the original parting line even when the clamping surface is no square with this area. These features make it the ideal companion for rod and main bore resizing equipment.


Motor power mm 1.1
Hobs external diameter mm 50
Dimensions mm 750x650x1350
Net weight kg 1280


Service kit
Measuring device with centesimal dial gauge
Spindle shaft support for hobs with distance rings
Steel sheet base
Operating manual


AZ836.01 Pair of hobs pitch 2,5X60 mm (for FIAT) 
AZ836.02 Pair of hobs pitch 3,0X60 mm (for FIAT/SCANIA)
AZ836.03 Pair of hobs pitch 3,15X60 mm (for PERKINS 6534)
AZ836.04 Pair of hobs pitch 3,175X60 mm (for PERKINS 4108)
AZ836.06 Pair of hobs pitch 4,0X60 mm (for MWM) 
AZ836.07 Pair of hobs pitch 3,0X60mm (for VOLVO) 
AZ836.09 Pair of hobs pitch 2,0X60 mm (for WM)


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