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  • Gasoline ENG, A/T Control System Educational Training Equipment

    Gasoline ENG, A/T Control System Educational Training Equipment

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    Gasoline ENG, A/T Control System Educational Training Equipment
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It is high standard educational system of gasoline 2,000cc 4cylinder DOHC engine 4 speed automatic transmission (EF Sonata)

A consecutive operating system that is equipped with components such as engine electronic fuel, cooling system, intake and exhaust system, automatic transmission, etc. It is manufactured as an educational structure with same condition of actual vehicle for

efficient education. It has educational training function that controls condition of input and output by installing

diagnosis error control module to ECU, TCU circuit. By installation of check terminal to ECU, TCU circuit, input and output data can be

measured and trained conveniently with multimeter or oscilloscope. It is composed as an efficient system for automotive engineer qualifying education and inspection training such as engine tune-up, exhaust gas, ignition timing, intake pipe, vacuum level, cylinder pressure, radiator, timing, fan belt, fuel, oil, electrolyte, charging,

moving circuit, etc. Electric-control function of EOBD and instruction of diagnostic system and data can be

trained through DLC and DM. Pressure gages are installed at P, R, N, D and L hydraulic circuits of automatic

transmission to instruct operation of hydraulic circuits according to each range. By installing check terminal for each sensor, it is convenient to use tester and also, it

protects the circuit. Instruments, vacuum gauge, fuel pressure gauge, voltmeter, DLC, power source jack,

key, dual accelerate module, battery, stainless fuel tank, engine, radiator protector, fire

extinguisher, a book holder etc. are installed. Control panel has excellent durability with aluminum plate, CNC engraver, and color.

The model is designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 and our company's

technical spec.

Powder-coated, 2-drawer door cabinet stainless molding, 4-wheel stand

An user's manual and a cover

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