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  • Automotive Sensor Part Educational Equipment

    Automotive Sensor Part Educational Equipment

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    Automotive Sensor Part Educational Equipment
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It is an educational equipment with installation of electronic-controlled automotive sensors in group.

Type, use, and function of sensors can be educated systematically and efficiently.

Sensor's name and function are explained on a color printed panel.

Type of sensor

Engine part - ECU(Electronic Control Units), AFS(Air Flow Sensor), WTS(Water Temperature Sensor),

Power relay, Main relay(EFI), Step motor, Power TR, O2 Sensor, Temperature Gauge Sensor, #1 TDC sensor, BPS sensor(Barometric Pressure Sensor), ISC(Idle Speed Control), MPS(Motor Position Sendor), VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor), Knock Sensor

ECS Part - ECS unit, Front, Rear Automobile Height Sensor, Gravity sensor(G)

ABS part - ABS unit, Front, Rear Automobile Height Sensor, Relay box

TCU part - TCU unit, Inhibitor Switch, Pulse Generator A,B, TPS(Throttle Position Sensor)

Air conditioner part - Air conditioning unit, Photo Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Evaporator Temperature Sensor

- Air bag unit, Shaping Sensor, ETACS unit, EPS solenoid valve

- Some parts are subject to be added or deleted.

The model is designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 and our company's technical spec.

Powder-coated 4-wheel stand with 2-door cabinet

An user's manual and a cover

product size L 190W 60H 165Wt140kg


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