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  • Automotive Sensor Diagnostic System Educational Training Equipment

    Automotive Sensor Diagnostic System Educational Training Equipment

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    Automotive Sensor Diagnostic System Educational Training Equipment
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It is an educational training equipment of sensor with installation of diagnostic system arranged by electronic-controlled vehicle's sensor and components.

Components: crank angle sensor, automatic transmission pulse generator sensor, cam position sensor, ABS wheel sensor, CAS&CMP sensor (Optical type), ECS G sensor, steering angle sensor, rain sensor, humidity sensor, rear sensor, AQS sensor, engine temperature sensor, automatic transmission oil sensor, auto-light sensor, daylight sensor, knock sensor, SRS impact sensor, vehicle speed sensor, accelerator position sensor, oxygen sensor(zirconia, titania), throttle position sensor, air-flower sensor, air sensor.

Sensor's name and function are explained on color printed panel to educate theory and operating function of sensors more efficiently and systematically.

Operating voltage, resistance, pulse, AC waveform can be easily measured and trained with multimeter, oscilloscope, etc. by installing operating system per sensor and diagnosis terminal.

Constant-current transformer, operating switch, controllers, fuse, safety switch, thermometer, etc. are installed for sensor operation. Single phase 220V.

The model is designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 and our company's technical spec.

Powder-coated 6-wheel panel stand with 4-door cabinet

An user's manual and a cover.

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