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  • GM S.E.T. Troubleshooting Trainer

    GM S.E.T. Troubleshooting Trainer

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    GM S.E.T. Troubleshooting Trainer
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Covers General Motors S.E.T. “Electrical/Electronics Stage 1, 2 and 3”:

•           Provided in locking suitcase for security and portability

•           Includes components for all three stages and original GM “faulted” components

•           Local and Network fault insertion

•           Fault insertion selection by circuit number, “Experiment 3-2”

•           Fault insertion selection by module

•           Instructor can develop circuits and faults at component level

•           Network display and storage of student’s performance

•           Compatible with ATech’s Network System and IMP           

•           Quick setup for “On the Road” Training

•           Fault insertion in individual or all student stations from instructor’s computer

•           Up to 5 faults  can be preselected for insertion

•           Preselected faults will automatically be inserted in order of selection (when student completes one,

next one is given)

•           Instructor’s computer  displays student’s answer, correct answer and stores  results in student fle

•           ATech’s copyrighted  “Schematic Based Fault Insertion”

•           Fault selection by S.E.T. Exercise Number

•           Fault Selection from list or schematic indicator

•           On screen indication of selected faults

•           Intermittent fault “On” and “Off” time adjustments

•           “Build Your Own Circuit” capability- Instructor can select from all faults

•           Troubleshooting practice or Exam Mode capability

•           Student results are saved in selection location

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