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  • GM J1850 OBD II

    GM J1850 OBD II

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    GM J1850 OBD II
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•  Performs OBD II Drive Cycle.
•  Actual new vehicle components.
•  Operated as a stand-alone trainer, or connected to the Electronic Ignition Trainer (model 1772) via the Interconnect Cable (model 2657) to teach and demonstrate engine and transmission control.  
•  Intermittent and hard fault codes can be inserted using the built-in keypad, a single computer, or the ATech Network System (ANS).
•  Connection to Tech 2TM (not included) via the DLC connector.
•  Compatible with ATech’s Instructor Management Program (IMP).
•  Network and interconnect circuits are protected against over current and polarity reversal.
•  Courseware includes: Instructor Guide, Student Manual and Service Manual Information.

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