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  • Automotive Electricity and Electronics SERIES 1800

    Automotive Electricity and Electronics SERIES 1800

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    Automotive Electricity and Electronics SERIES 1800
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•  Automotive Electricity Computer Based Instruction (CBI) Software (model 1810W)
•  Automotive Electronics Computer Based Instruction (CBI) Software (model 1820W)
•  Hands-on and Computer Animation Hold Student Interest
•  Provides Troubleshooting Practice and Competency Testing
•  Classroom Management with Remote Fault Insertion Capability
•  Student Record Keeping with Print-Outs


Computer Based Programs
The #1 provider of Engine Performance Trainers continues to develop innovative computer based simulation programs...
ATech’s automotive fundamentals programs have harnessed the power of computers to enhance the learning experiences with animations of important concepts.
Hands-on activities provide “need-to-know” reinforcement, while computer controlled diagnosis provides troubleshooting practice and competency testing.
Invites student interest and participation.
Educationally Effective and Industry Proven Introduced in 1986 and used at hundreds of public and private
schools, ATech’s Automotive Electricity and Electronic Program is designed specifcally for automotive, autobody, and truck
This very popular program also provides corporate training for Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Nissan, and Bosch technicians, as well as the U.S. Postal Service, the Navy, and many other industry organizantions.

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