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  • Air Conditioning with Automatic Climate Control

    Air Conditioning with Automatic Climate Control

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    Air Conditioning with Automatic Climate Control
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•  Functional R134A A/C System

•  Automatic/Manual Dual Zone Climate Control

•  Compact Variable Compressor (CVC6)

•  Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV)

•  Includes Refrigerant ‘Liquid Line’ control valve for “Pressure Faulting”

•  Electrical Faulting either locally via Keypad or remotely via Network

•  Selectable Interior Temperature Settings

•  Tip Jacks for DVOM measurements

•  220V 5HP Motor

•  Powder-Coated Frame

•  Courseware Included

   Activities Include:

•  Principles of Refrigeration

•  Basic Refrigerant Cycle

•  Compressors & Control Components

•  Condenser and Evaporator

•  Receiver-Dryer/Accumulator

•  Metering Components

•  Safety Precautions & Environmental Concerns

•  Refrigerant System Tests

•  Leak Detection

•  Refrigerant System Recovery, Recycling & Recharging

•  Cooling Fan Operation

•  Cooling Fan Diagnosis

•  Air Distribution Overview and Controls

•  Blower Controls and Diagnosis

•  Automatic Climate Control Operation

•  Automatic Climate Control Diagnostics

•  Strategy-Based Diagnosis

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