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  • Petrol Injection Motor Trainer

    Petrol Injection Motor Trainer

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    Petrol Injection Motor Trainer
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Teaching equipment for studying motors with Integrated Systems for Sequential Digital Electronic Petrol Injection, Direct Ignition Systems, and double Lambda regulators. The teaching equipment will include the latest generation in-line 4 cylinder motor (1.6L Duratec 16V 100CV) mounted on a functional mobile support, in running order, and with all of the components and accessories necessary for its operation in conditions similar to those of a car.

Technical characteristics

•   Systems for Sequential Digital Multipoint Injection with an Electronic Control unit (ECU) and an EOBD diagnostic connection.

•   Emission control system with: Catalytic converter, precatalytic and post-catalytic Lambda sensors, vapour purge valve (Canister).

•  Charging system composed of an alternator with incorporated regulator, intelligent regulation control system and charging indicator on the instrument panel.

•  Accelerator and electronic butterf y valve.

•   Electronic starter system with passive antitheft (PATS) and a status indicator.

•   Fuel tank with a level indicator on the instrument panel.

•  Complete cooling circuit.

•   Standard EOBD (EOBDII) connection.

•  Battery.

•   Instrument and Control function panel with:

  -  RPM indicator.

  -  Motor temperature indicador.

  -  Coolant temperature.

  -  Fuel level indicator.

  -  Oil pressure indicator.

  -  Battery charge indicator.

  -  Motor malfunction warnings.

•   Safety systems made up by::

  -  Starter block switch.

  -  Emergency switch.

  -  Protection with bornier tests for possible short circuits.

  -  Low oil pressure triggers an alarm and the motor stops.

  -  Belt guard with a safety micro-interrupter.

  -  Moving parts and hot areas are protected.

•   Sensor for measuring starter current and battery charge.

•   The equipment is mounted on wheels.

•  Dimensions and weights:

  -  Equipment dimensions: 1.150 x 1.260 x 1.420 mm.

  -  Package dimensions: 1.400 x 1.500 x 1.650 mm.

  -  Package weight: 370Kgs.

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