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  • ECU electronic control unit

    ECU electronic control unit

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    ECU electronic control unit
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Technical characteristics

•   Stand-alone equipment that incorporates the simulation of the following sensors and actuators:

  -  SENSORS: Air mass sensor, air admission temperature, crankshaft position, camshaft position, accelerator pedal position, coolant temperature, wide band Lambda sensor, absolute pressure sensor and vibration sensor.

  -  ACTUATORS: Gas injectors, gas valves, spark plugs, Turbo electrovalve and MAL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp).

•   Sensor and actuator communication with the ECU by different types of signal; analogue, digital, multiplexing buses CAN and LIN.

•   Testing points protected against possible incorrect manipulations, for carrying out measurements at the different points of the circuit.

•   Possibility of generating malfunctions in the signal sent by the sensors to the ECU.

•  Automatic or individual operation of the sensors (AUT/IND).

•  Reprogramming function (Flash ) of the ECU as a Turbo motor or Atmospheric.

•  Auto-diagnosis function implemented in the ECU.

•   Possibility of disconnecting the sensors/actuators simulated in the panel and of connecting the real sensors/ actuators of the ADA303 and ADA305 applications

•  Measurements: 446 x270 x100 mm.

Training to be carried out

•  Analysis of how the electronic injection control unit works on an ECU- Motor .

•  Analysis of the ECU input signals.

•  Analysis of the ECU output signals.

•   Testing electrical/electronic signals with without voltage and under voltage.

•   Handling of auto-diagnosis tools: DD-Car.

•   Fault Diagnosis: Broken sensor, failure in the communication bus (CAN-LIN), etc.

•   Testing of sensors and actuators using an autodiagnosis tool.

•   Instrumentation handling: Oscilloscope, Polymeter.

Equipment composition

•  ADA304 Panel.

•  User manual.

•   Practise activity manual.

•  DD-Car auto-diagnosis software.

•  Accessory Store.

Contents to study

•   ECU Sensor inputs: types, characteristics etc.

•  Actuator outputs from the ECU: types, characteristics etc.

•   Internal architecture of an electronic control unit.

•  Working of an electronic injection control unit, injection control algorithms.

•   Injection time and ignition time (ignition angle and DWELL angle).

•   Types and characteristics of sensor/actuator signals: Analogue, digital, multiplexing buses (CAN and LIN).

•  Auto-diagnosis in electronic injection systems, failure EOBD codes.

•  Reprogramming (Flash) of the electronic control unit.

•  Digital /Analogue and Analogue/ Digital conversion.

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