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  • Diesel Injection Engine Training Unit

    Diesel Injection Engine Training Unit

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    Diesel Injection Engine Training Unit
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Didactic equipment for studying the operation of direct diesel injection engines with a common rail electronic control system and particle filter. The equipment incorporates the latest generation of common rail 4-cylinder in line diesel engine (1.6L Duratorq TDCi 110CV) with particle f lter, mounted on a mobile functional support in running order, equipped with all the components and accessories necessary for its correct operation under similar conditions to those in a vehicle. Engine developed by FORD and PSA.

Technical characteristics

•  Direct Diesel Injection system with common rail electronic control at a pressure of 1600 bar, equipped with pre-injection, injection and postinjection.

•  Complete anti-pollution system with: Catalyser, FAP particle f lter and FAP system additive tank.

•   Intercooler for cooling intake air.

•   Variable geometry turbocompressor with electronic control cap.

•   The engine incorporates the following sensors:

  -  Hot wire air measurement sensor.

  -  Antiparticle f lter pressure sensor.

  -  After catalyser exhaust gas temperature sensor.

  -  Boost pressure sensor.

  -  Intake air temperature sensor and post-turbo air intake temperature sensor.

  -  Revolution and crankshaft position sensor.

  -  Camshaft position sensor.

  -  Ramp high-pressure sensor.

  -  Diesel oil temperature sensor.

  -  Vehicle speed sensor.

•  Charging system composed of an alternator with incorporated regulator, intelligent regulation control system and charging indicator on the instrument panel.

•  Accelerator electronic.

•   Electronic starter system with passive antitheft (PATS) and a status indicator.

•   Fuel tank with a level indicator on the instrument panel and fuel cap opening sensor.

•  Complete cooling circuit.

•   Electronic Control unit and standard diagnosis EOBD (EOBDII) connection.

•  Battery.

•   Instrument and Control function panel with:

  -  RPM indicator

  -  Motor temperature indicator

  -  Coolant temperature

  -  Fuel level indicator

  -  Oil pressure indicator

  -  Battery charge indicator

  -  Motor malfunction warnings

•   Safety systems made up by:

  -  Starter block switch.

  -  Emergency switch.

  -  Internal protection of test terminal strip against potential short-circuits to safeguard the electronics in the systems.

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