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    • Application of electricity for automotive
      Application of electricity for automotive
    • Application of electricity for automotive
  • Application of electricity for automotive

    Application of electricity for automotive

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    Application of electricity for automotive
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Technical specifcations

•   Incorporates the following components/circuits:

-   Power circuit: Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

-   Circuit with lamps: Parallel, series, mixed, lamps with different powers.

-   Circuit with resistances: Parallel, series, mixed, linear and logarithmic potentiometer.

-   Circuit with relay.

-   Circuit with different conductor materials: copper,nichrome and constantan.

-   Full wave/half wave rectif er circuit.

-   Circuits with capacitors: flter, power store.

-   Circuit with logic gates.

•   Test points to take measurements on the different circuits.

•  Accessibility to all components for analysis under voltage or without voltage.

•   Possibility of generating disfunctions in components of the equipment.

•   Possibility of doing different electric/electronic assemblies on a proto-board.

•  Measurements: 446 x 270 x 100 mm.

Skills to be developed

•  Using equipment to measure electric/electronic components and circuits and interpret the data obtained with the multimeter and the oscilloscope.

•  Checking electric/electronic components not undervoltage and under voltage.

•  Analysing basic electric/electronic circuits and linking them to car components.

•  Assembling basic electric/electronic circuits.

•  Running diagnostics and repairing simple faults in car electric/electronic systems.

Equipment composition

•  ADA300 panel.

•  User’s manual.

•  Manual of practical activities.

•  Wires with different conductor materials.

•   Electric/electronic components to assemble complementary circuits.

•  Accessories store.

Contents to be studied

•  AC/ DC power supply.

•  Batteries: Characteristic. Association of batteries in series and in parallel.

•   Lamps. Identif cation. Association of lamps.

•  Ohm’s law: voltage, current, resistance.

•  Association of resistances in series and in parallel.

•  Characteristics of linear and logarithmic potentiometers.

•   Electric power.

•  Conductor materials: Copper, nichrome and constantan.

•   Study of capacitors in DC: Filter, power store.

•  Binary logic: AND, OR, EXOR, NOT, NOR and NAND.

•   Full wave/Half wave rectif cation, f ltering with capacitor.

•  Components: Resistances, capacitors, diodes, leds, potentiometers, lamps, relays.

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