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  • Air conditioning trainer

    Air conditioning trainer

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    Air conditioning trainer
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The trainer incorporates all the components and accessories required for operation under conditions very similar to those found in motor vehicles, but with a number of additional pressure gauges and thermometers to facilitate students understanding of the working of the system. It is mounted on a trolley with wheels for easy transportation and a braking systems for ensuring stability once in place. It incorporates the following real components, arranged in the logical sequence in which they would be found in a vehicle, motor cavity, front interior and rear interior.

Technical characteristics

•   Variable volume compressor.

•  Condenser and double-speed power fan.

•  High pressure pressostat.

•  Calibrated expansion tube.

•   Expansion valve.

•   Thermostat.

•   2 evaporators and 2 triple-speed power fans.

•   Low pressure pressostat.

•  Drier f lter.

•  Keyswitch.

•  A/D drive switch.

•   Speed adjustment controls for evaporator air thrusters.

•  Condenser speed adjustment control.

•   Electric motor with speed variation for driving the condenser.

•   6 coolant status displays, located at the input and output of each component.

•   6 pressure gauges in low and high pressure circuits, for displaying the various pressure levels.

•   6 digital thermometers at the input and output of each component.

•  Digital thermometer showing room temperature.

•   Specif c electrical installation for the A/A system.

•  Relay and fuse box.

•  Control panel.

•  Malfunction generation module.

•  Condenser access protection system, with safety microswitch.

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