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  • ABS / EDS / ESP Trainer

    ABS / EDS / ESP Trainer

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    ABS / EDS / ESP Trainer
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This trainer is designed to aid in the training of subjects related to new technologies being applied to combination antilock braking systems (ABS-EBD), electronic differentiallock systems (EDS traction control) and electronic stability programs (ESP) with genuine components, the same as used in the latest generation of the Ford Focus. The trainer is equipped with all of the components and accessories necessary to simulate the real conditions experienced with a car.

Technical characteristics

•  On / Starter switch.

•  ABS module.

•  ABS-EBD/EDS control unit.

•   Tandem brake master cylinder.

•  Hidraulic control unit.

•  Brake switch.

•  Brake indicator light.

•   Instrument panel with multiplex network:

  -  ABS indicator light.

  -  ESP indicator light.

•   System fuse box.

•   Four crowns with fully independent speed regulation.

•   Four new automobile active receivers (magnetoresistant).

•   Four switches for simulating the possible braking conditions of a car, both normal and sudden.

•   Two switches for simulate low traction at acceleration in order to activate the EDS traction control.

•   Five gauges incorporated into the panel in order to read the pressure of the servo and each wheel.

•  Accelerator pedal.

•  Brake pedal.

•   Standard EOBD (EOBDII) connection.

•  Module to general 16 breakdowns (8 for the ESP), through switches protected by a cover and lock, or through a virtual breakdown repair software.

•   The equipment is mounted on wheels.

•  Accessories for studying the electronic stability program ESP (Optional):

  -  Direction position sensor.

  -  Skid direction sensor (with multiplex).

  -  Electronic Control Unit (ECU) motor.

  -  Switch to disconnect the ESP.

  -  Steering wheel.

  -  Car body.

  -  Control Panel.

•  Dimensions and weights:

  -  Equipment dimensions:830 x 875 x 1.770 mm.

  -  Package dimensions: 1.025 x 1.080 x 1.955 mm.

  -  Package weight: 190 Kgs.

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