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  • Chiều dài cú đánh rỉ : 4.5mm
Mô mem xoắn : 2.600 vòng/phút
Trọng lượng : 2.06 kg
Độ ồn : 97 dBA
Độ rung : 13 m/s2 
Mức tiêu thụ khí : 3 CFM
Đầu khí vào : ¼”
Kích thướng ống ; 10mm
tân minh giang, thiết bị công nghiệp. dụng cụ cầm tay
  • Needle Scaler

    Needle Scaler

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    Needle Scaler
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    Brands:Shinano - Japan
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO

Straight grip needle scaler for removing rust or old paint. It provides very good working on uneven or rough surface.

Resign grip for a soft feeling to the hand and improved comfort in winter or cold climate regions

Mechanism actuated by air power only, not using springs reduces reaction time and improves the smooth actuation

Simple mechanism provides easy maintenance and needle replacement

Stroke length mm: Max 4.5

Free Blow Speed spm: 3,500

Weight kg/(lb): 2.06/(4.53)

Noise Level dBA/(power): 97/(107)

Vibration m/s2: 13.0

Avg.Air Consumption CFM: 1.3

Air Inlet Size in.: ¼

Hose Size mm/(in.): 10/(3/8)

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