Air operated fluid pump / Grease pump

  • Thiết bị bơm mỡ bò bằng tay 

Model: H20-GS

Xuất xứ: Jolong – Taiwan

Loại dùng bình chứa 20 kg mỡ bò
  • Hand Operated Grease Pump  - H20-GS

    Hand Operated Grease Pump - H20-GS

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    Hand Operated Grease Pump - H20-GS
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    Brands:Jolong - Taiwan
    Nhà sản xuất:VERPRO

Hand Operated Grease Pump

Model: H20-GS

Origin: Jolong – Taiwan

  1. Suitable to be put inside 5 original round barrel.
  2. Portable; to be operated manually; No electricity is needed.
  3. The base is equipped with foot-stepping stand. The operation will be even better with foot stepped on it.
  4. Suitable for all sorts of machineries, vehicles, airplanes, etc. The efficient instrument with which grease can be infused powerfully for lubrication & maintenance purpose.
  5. General 00#~2# grease all can be infused into smoothly.

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